Internal insulation solutions

Our internal insulation system will result in either 50mm, 75mm or 100mm PIR insulation being installed to the external walls, internally – 15mm plasterboard and finished with Thistle Multi Finish plaster

If you have decorative coving we are able to get our covers to cut and template from your existing coving and replace it once the new insulation has been installed.

This is a long term investment that will see a reduction in heating costs and reduces the properties carbon footprint.

Landlords – internal insulation could be the answer to increasing your EPC rating and attracting a greater rent as renters seek lower running costs.


We have a specialist team that can upgrade your windows. We offer PVC and Aluminium with double or triple glazed units.

Loft Insulation

Lofts should have a minimum of 300mm loft roll or at least 150mm PIR insulation between rafters or above (depending on if you have a cold or warm roof system). We can offer in line with our other sustainable services the supply and installation of insulation solutions for loft/roof spaces. We recommend changing your loft insulation every 20 years as the new technologies make a big difference in the thermal value.

Other options to improve your properties thermal value are:

Insulating between floors including ground floors (only applies to timber suspended)

Upgrading radiators and flushing the system to ensure the performance of the boiler is at its maximum

Ensuring all windows and doors are properly sealed and maintained

Porches are a great way to add value and additional storage to your property whilst stopping that awful draft coming through the front door

Contact Mud + Mortar to find out more information about ways to improve the performance of your home and help the UK get to “Net Zero”!

Note: listed buildings often are not allowed to upgrade their glazing to double or triple glazed units, but we will work with you to analyse what options are available

If there is a sustainable solution you would like to explore that is not mentioned above please do get in touch as innovative builders we are always up for the challenge

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