About Us

Mud + Mortar is a modern Bristol based construction company that is looking to supply our clients with a seamless service from start to finish with their property projects.

Our approach is to engage fully with the client to ensure we are covering all bases. Then through a rigorous design and build process we will deliver your project.

Whilst we are unable to guarantee projects won’t have their challenges, which they all do, we are professional and re-active to deal with them. Our vast experience sets us in good stead to be able to cost value through the challenges.

Company Director Josh is a stickler for “the finest”. Our company approach is do it once and do it right. There are many opportunities to take the cheaper option but does that make it the right option. We endeavour to offer our clients options. Through collaborative working we aim to deliver the best value.

The road less travelled…

If you are an adventurer, someone a little bit different then we are here to listen. If you have an off the wall idea and a conventional building company aren’t hitting the button, then give Mud + Mortar a call. We love a challenge and we love something different. Spaces are our passion, no matter how big or small your space is why not maximise its ability to wow!